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Technology Sets Us Apart

At Coastal we go beyond your average furnace or A/C tune up.  If you paid money for example, a 3 ton air conditioner, can you be sure that you are getting 3 tons out of it?  Was it charged properly when it was installed?  Were air flow measurements taken? Was static pressure measured? 
 In a recent study, (for Arizona Public Service, air conditioner systems were tested for their refrigerant level. Only eighteen (18%) percent of all the units were properly charged. Seventy-eight (78%) percent of the units were under charged. While four (4%) percent were over charged.) An improper refrigerant charge of a small amount (10%) can increase operating costs by up to  20% (The cost is real. As little as 10% undercharge will reduce the air conditioner's capacity as much as 10%*)  
 At Coastal we use the latest in computerized testing equipment to quantify the information in real time so that we can bring your system to what the manufacturer intended.  

Laser Particle Counter
We offer testing for environmental & indoor air quality, particle concentrations, and air filter efficiency.
"Airborne particulates come in a variety of forms ranging from animal dander, plant pollen, and airborne bacteria, to fiberglass, asbestos, and combustion particles. Motionless, human beings alone shed up to 500,000 particles (≥0.3μm) per minute. When active, this level can reach up to 45,000,000 particles per minute."

         Thermal Image Scanning
We also offer Thermal Imaging Scans.
With thermal imaging you will be able to see the areas of your home that are leaking energy, do to inadequate insulation, window caulking, weather stripping, etc.
Thermal imaging allows us to see what our eyes cannot (air infiltration, duct leakage, plumbing leaks, roof leaks etc.)